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Ksymena Mamińska

Ksymena Mamińska
Attorney-at-Law no. WR 2160

Ksymena Mamińska

+48 717 925 195 or 196




Ratio legis est anima legis


Graduate of the Law Department of Wrocław University. After training for attorney-at-law, she took the exam and was entered onto the list of attorneys-at-law kept by the Bar Association of Attorneys-at-Law in Wrocław in 2011.

In 2005, she started cooperation with Law Firm of Attorneys-at-Law Maciej Kuźnicki, Sławomir Pasieka Limited Partnership and she became a partner in our law firm in 2010.

Ksymena Mamińska has extensive experience in preparation of restructuring processes for companies, in legal advice within ongoing services to companies, including negotiation of contracts, as well as lawsuits and other proceedings before common courts and public administration bodies.

Her interests include most of all: Commercial Companies Law (organisation, functioning, transformations and mergers), power industry, as well as copyright law and industrial property.

She actively participates in trainings and academic conferences. She is fluent in English.




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