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Principles of Cooperation

We conduct entrusted tasks either at our offices or in a place indicated by the client. If necessary, we can provide legal advice and assistance in negotiations over teleconference or in person at the meeting site.

The services of our firm are delivered with due diligence and in compliance with the principles of the Attorney-at-Law Code of Ethics.

The principles of remuneration depend on client requirements and the nature of the provided legal service. Aspects to consider include, degree of difficulty/complexity, unprecedented or typical nature, the place and date of provision and the necessary effort and time investment. Legal services are delivered on an ongoing manner or within performance of single orders. Clients are informed on an ongoing basis about the time dedicated to their affairs and the actions undertaken.

In settlements with Clients, we use different systems, adjusted to the Client’s individual needs:

Option I

On an hourly basis, when the amount of remuneration is determined on the basis of the number of hours worked and the agreed hourly rate.

Option II

On a flat-rate/hourly basis, with an established amount of fixed monthly remuneration within a set hourly limit, and in the event of exceeding that number of hours, the extra hours are settled at an agreed hourly rate.

Option III

On an agreed amount basis, with a specific amount of remuneration for performance of an order agreed individually with the Client.

Option IV

On a flat-rate basis, with a fixed monthly rate for a scope of services laid down in the contract.

Success fees can also form an additional element of the contract. The above models of settlement do not exclude cooperation under other principles (agreed individually with the Client). Should you wish to obtain detailed information in this scope, please contact us.


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