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Debt Collection and Debt Management

Scope of services:

  • legal analysis in the scope of maturity and limitation of claims
  • legal analysis and verification of counterparties in terms of their solvency
  • financial restructuring
  • pre-court debt collection (calling the debtor to pay, establishment of the method and date of repaying the amount due with the debtor, overseeing the making of repayments)
  • court debt collection (legal representations in cases regarding claiming debt in court with the use of the instruments of proceeding to secure claims, drawing up statements of claim (suits) and other court documents in the course of the lawsuit, legal assistance to obtain the enforcement clause and submitting the case to a debt enforcement proceeding)
  • debt enforcement (supervision over a pending debt enforcement proceeding, representing creditors or debtors in a debt enforcement proceeding, control of regularity of debtor’s repayments, drawing up petitions for debt enforcement and documents in the course of the proceeding, including complaints about the court enforcement officer’s actions, applications for attaching a further enforcement clause, applications for limitation of enforcement, suits regarding removal of the enforcement clause from the writ of execution)



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