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Water / Environmental Protection Law

Scope of services:

  • legal assistance in the scope of issues related to collective water supply and collective wastewater disposal
  • giving opinions on, drawing up and negotiating contracts concerning designing, execution and maintenance of hydraulic structures
  • representation in proceedings concerning issuing a water law permit and permits in the area of inland fishery
  • legal services for entities entitled to conduct fishing operations
  • legal analysis in the scope of water ownership right
  • legal support in cases related to establishment of shoreline
  • constructing and analysis of agreements that function in maritime dealings
  • pursuing compensation claims for damage on water
  • representation in proceedings before the General and Regional Directorates for Environmental Protection and Environmental Protection Inspection Bodies, as well as other public administration bodies
  • advisory with respect to performance of projects in the scope of environmental protection at the stages of project location proceeding and the construction process
  • setting up and registration of commercial law companies, associations and foundations whose activities cover environmental protection issues
  • legal services for businesses in the scope of environmental protection law and nature law, including in the area of water and sewage management
  • carrying out audits in the scope of environmental protection regulations
  • writing analyses of development project in terms of their compliance with the environmental protection regulations and assessment of risks related to their implementation
  • representation in proceedings related to felling trees



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